akuaplus® ELENA 4-piece roman bathtub faucet RB6115CP

4-piece round roman bathtub faucet with hand shower.

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With it’s sleek edges and beautifully designed features, the akuaplus® ELENA 4-piece all-brass roman bathtub faucet with hand shower will bring elegance to your bathroom. This model comes in a shiny chrome or matte black finish.

  • 4-pieces roman bathtub faucet
  • All in brass
  • Round handle
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Aerator
  • Brass hand shower with shower flow restrictor 9.5 L/min (2.5 gal US/min)
  • 4-hole installation
  • Square spout
  • Water flow rate [20 L/min (5.28 gal US/min)].

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